Over 1,200 guests visited Virtual Reality Center and its VRBD Lab

Over 1,200 guests visited Virtual Reality Center and its VRBD Lab

Over 1,200 visitors from over 90 various organisations have experienced the Virtual

Reality (VR) systems in Virtual Reality Centre (VRC) and its Virtual Reality and Big

Data Analytics Lab (VRBD Lab). Representatives from government, institutions,

companies, colleges, and schools, for example, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation

of Academic & Vocational Qualifications, Liaison Office of the Central People’s

Government, Education Bureau, Transport and Housing Bureau, Jockey Club,

Norwegian School of Economics, Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council, and S.K.H.

Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School, etc., have given positive feedback to the


Students at HSMC also have started their lessons with the use of Virtual Reality

facilities. The students in School of Decision Sciences and School of Business taking

the academic modules of Shipping and Transport Logistics (SCM4202), Information

and Technology in Supply Chain Management (SCM4203), Operations and Supply

Chain Management (SCM3006), and Training and Development (MGT3021) have

learned cargo terminal operations, process analysis, facilities planning, supply chain

management, and advanced training tools with the use of VR Cave Automatic Virtual

Environment (CAVE) system to interactively and immersively learn the complex

operations of companies.