About Project

The increased complexity in data and operation processes in global organisations has posted a growing demand for big data and process analysis in most of the industries, especially in logistics and transportation, supply chain finance and healthcare logistics. The current mode of classroom teaching and learning with the help of textbooks and case studies, field studies and on-site visits, are not able to demonstrate the complexity of operations to students. Very often graduates, even practitioners, are not able to visualize the end-to-end process of the entire supply chain, finance, or medical operations. The government of Hong Kong is recently promoting the use of virtual learning initiatives to support education needs. To achieve the development of an interactive virtual reality platform for learning and big data analytics, a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) system is much needed in setting up various modules for a number of degree programs in the School. This project aims to develop a cost-effective, fully immersive and interactive visualization CAVE system that provides extremely vivid stereoscopic views of sceneries in 3D design. The CAVE will be applied in teaching, learning and research. The operations of air cargo terminal operations will be first developed in the project.

Acknowledgement: The project work was partially supported by Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) grant from the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No.: 05/QESS/2015).